Swing and Slide Gate Operators – Solar Operation.
Its been brought to our attention that many questions on quality and usage are being asked on solar/sun based powered operators manufacturers are offering today. When you are thinking of a purchase on one of these you might want to start with some basic considerations needed in standard solar application that should first be applied.
Solar, being a fantastic solution and excellent product to get to hard to reach areas for power and low use gate operation still can have its drawbacks if not configured correctly. Sun light availability, extended cloud cover conditions, sudden extended bad weather patterns and lack of battery capacity will play a big role on needed high usage and low usage consistent gate operation.
Take a look at the operator you’re considering to purchase that is solar capable. Comes with batteries? Solar Ready? Built in Charge Controller? The manufacturer will show you (usually) a usage chart with a rated panel/module to achieve the amount of openings you desire. They do in fact project quite well in most all cases but know that light collection for charge capacity varies throughout the United States. Always feel free to contact the manufacture and talk to a technician regarding questions on your implant.
Make sure you check your qualifications for the most opportune sunlight charge potential in your area first. This will give you a good idea of the panel/module size you will need on average to keep your gate fully charge at all times. You’re looking for consistent gate operation. It will direct you to a wiser and correct choice on solar panels/modules capacities such as watt size and panel quantity.
When adding such accessories as keypad, photo eyes, readers etc. They all will ask for power from your batteries and some of these accessories can draw a continual low amp usage off of your Program Control Board and can be a continual drain on your batteries.

Take the time to configure your actual physical layout in the relationship of placing the panels/modules for highest rate of collection versus location of your gate operator. Know that the greater distance between your operator and panels (wire run) needs to be considered. . In Commercial high usage environments such as HOA’s, Truck Yards etc. make sure you have plenty of battery backup.
If you are looking at solar because of continual loss of power on standard AC you can always purchase a standalone battery backup system for you operators or even purchase operators with Battery backup built in.
Feel free to blog us with your questions on Solar applications anytime.